2019 Skoda Citigo Release Date, Best Price and MPG

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2019 Skoda Citigo Release Date, Best Price and MPG Release Date Picture

A Skoda employee has apparently given up plans to abandon the 2019 Skoda Citigo when he is replaced in the next three years. Czech manufacturer Peter Solc, the chief executive of international sales, apparently told Australian journalists at a press conference that the Czech manufacturer was concentrating its efforts on SUVs and that there is not enough demand to justify Citigo’s the Skoda table.

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New Skoda Citigo Review

The Citoda Skoda will acquire a fully electric version at the end of 2019 called Citigo-e or Citigo E, and offer a much wider range compared to the current version of its twin vehicle, the VW e-Up .

Alain Favey, global sales and marketing manager for Skoda, confirmed to Auto Express that the car will have a range of 300 km. “The car is coming, and it will be named 2019 Skoda Citigo E. Would it be a hyphen?” “That’s a good question, you can call it Citigo-e if you like it for now.” And it will come before the end of 2019 – our first step in fully electric cars.

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The advantage of the Skoda range over its team mates is not likely to be present when the electric 2019 Skoda Citigo reaches dealers at the end of next year. This is because the developments of the battery it enjoys are almost certain to be implemented on the e-Up and the SEAT e-Mii at about the same time.

The improved technology is seen by the VW group insiders as a way to turn the three city cars into exclusively electric models – a change that could happen early in the next decade. As Auto Express said last year, the future of the VW Group’s trio of city cars has been questioned, as they could hardly justify the cost of developing a new platform too small for the new MQB A0. architecture that underpins the latest SEAT Ibiza and VW Polo.

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