2019 Ford S-Max Details, Interior and Engine

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Rumor has it that there should be a lot of changes in the new 2019 Ford S-Max 2019, but many things are the same as on previous models, so the new S-Max will have a recognizable shape and detail. Since the release of the first model in 2006, S-Max has undergone many changes, with a major redefinition in 2015. This should be a first redesign after the years of production, and we are also waiting for interesting changes in this model. Even though we are not sure how this new model will really look like, we are sure that it will be attractive like the old models.

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Ford S-Max 2019 Performance

2019 Ford S-Max will have few engine versions like the last model had, too. There are predictions that the base model should have a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 157 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque. The second version could have a 2.0-liter gasoline version with 238 horsepower and 254 lb-ft of torque. But that’s not all. This car could have the same 2.0-liter engine in many versions of strength and performance, so you’ll be able to choose whether you prefer the version with 120, 150, 180 or 210 horsepower.

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New Ford S-Max  Outside

The all-new 2019 Ford S-Max will be completely redesigned on the market. The most important change according to the design of 2019 is the new platform. You know that this will be the CD4 system that the organization has found in other models such as Fusion, Edge and Mondeo. The design language used by the novice is the so-called kinetic design language, which was launched in the early 2011 Evos concept. The best fascia in the car will be the Aston Martin hexagonal grille. You will probably recognize the rear lights according to the reduced nose area that has been explicitly remodeled. The accounts in the vehicle will probably be exactly the same because of the pre-modern technology. A look at the new platform, the car will be much longer compared to the vehicle it changes. The taillights of your car will even have a unique design with guided technologies. In addition, the tailgate of your car has also been redesigned.

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Ford S-Max Inside

The interior design will probably be influenced by some changes. However, the hierarchy of solutions will continue to be unchanged. The novice will probably be provided with leather and siege addresses, just like his nephew C-Max. Areas inside the cabin will be protected in sensitive materials. We have already mentioned that the car continues to grow in quantity, but its presentation space will nevertheless allow about 5 travelers. Apparently they can be offered legroom and headroom additionally. Having in your head the most powerful assets and the big cabin, the efficiency is certain. The best feature list for the 2019 model remains unreachable, but we are able to think the best of the perfect for self-confidence. Some trustworthy websites explain that the vehicle can do this through spot blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise management, and traffic alerts.

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2019 Ford S-Max  Price

As 2019 Ford S-Max is the 2019 model, we should not wait for the release date until the end of 2018. Rumors say the new vehicle will cost about $ 30,000, at least the base model will have the price around this number, but all the others the information will be known later.

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