2019 Audi R6 Debut, Brochure and Engine

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The new sports car should be called 2019 Audi R6 and should be developed under the code name PO455. The news comes from the German Autobild outlet, which also claims that the R6 will share the fundamentals of the next generation of Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman. A coupe and a roadster are on the table, with the latter sporting a R6 Spyder badge. If these rumors prove correct, the R6 will become the second Audi sports car to borrow its platform from other products of the Volkswagen Group. As you may know, the R8 rolls on the basics that Lamborghini has developed for the Huracan.

2019 Audi R6 Specs Picture

2019 R6 Engine

Rumor has it that the Germans use either a 3.0-liter V-6 or a 2.0-liter four-banger, both with forced induction. Why not the 4.0 liter V6 in the RS6? Well, since Audi has stopped this option for the R8, it is safe to assume that it will want the R6 to stay away from the power of eight cylinders. But that’s not necessarily a problem, as the supercharged V6 is very powerful on more than 300 horsepower in other models and Audi’s RS division could easily adjust to provide more than 400 horsepower.

Audi R6 2019 Design

In terms of design, the R6 will remain faithful to the current Audi design language and will most likely combine elements of the R8 and TT. The front fascia will probably be closer to the larger R8, but the overall design will be lessened and less aggressive compared to the premium Audi sports car. As we saw in our presentation above, we think the R6 will have a similar Singleframe grille, but the branded element will feature horizontal battens instead of the honeycomb mesh of the R8. The side vents will be narrower, while the headlights will be thinner and have different LED patterns.

2019 Audi R6 Debut, Brochure and Engine Towing Capacity Picture

2019 Audi R6 Interior

The interior of the R6 should mix sporty and luxurious details. Our best guess is that the dashboard will probably be closer to the TT in terms of design, and that it will have a more conventional wheelbase than the R8. However, we expect that Audi will come up with new details and perhaps give up TT’s round vents for a design that will bring out the R6 in the lineup. The flat-bottomed three-spoke steering wheel will be transported, as will the digital dashboard that displays various data and navigation information alongside the speedometer and tachometer. Leather upholstery is likely to be the norm and we hope that Audi will offer brighter colors in addition to its monochrome black and dark gray combinations. Like all high-performance Audi, the R6 should also have various aluminum trim details and even carbon fiber inserts in the adjustable range model. Also look for contrast stitching, Alcantara and even cushioned diamond seat surfaces. Upholstered sport seats will be standard, of course.

New Audi R6 Price

It is too early to talk about prices here, but it is safe to assume that the R6 will fall between the TT and the R8. The chances are that the new sports car will be looking for more than the TT-RS line, which will start from $ 68,000 when it is sold in the US, but it should not cost more than $ 80,000 in trimmings. based. However, the high-end model loaded with all the optional goodies will probably be in a $ 100,000 territory. For reference, the R8 is selling from $ 162,900 now that the V-8 model is no longer available.

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