2018 Volkswagen Voyage Review and Redesign

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2018 Volkswagen Voyage  – Volkswagen will be present at the launch of the new Voyage 2018 new generation compact sedan. Check news and changes as well as datasheet, version, price and fuel consumption. Volkswagen Voyage, launched in the domestic market in 1985, when Brazilian consumers searched for cheaper cars and luggage space back then, the sedan was a solution found by the brand to serve the market.

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This 2018 Volkswagen Voyage offers ample interior space, which is equipped with 480 liter rods. Inside there is an electric window, air conditioning and all the functionality sufficient to offer a comfortable experience for the driver and passengers.

From the outside it arrives with a new design that splits Volkswagen’s new line design to the world level. Lights on the front with a clearer line, which brings seriousness and modernity. Behind the dismissal gives a distinctive touch of exclusivity. Double airbags and ABS anti-lock braking systems are some of the safety features in the Comfort version.

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The 2018 Volkswagen Voyage has a 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine, which generates power of 99 HP. It has a 5 speed manual transmission. It reaches 100kms / h in 10.3 seconds and a top speed of 183 km / h.

Currently, Voyage is priced from a basic version of R $ 41,329. While the most complete version of Voyage automatically priced at $ 62,700.

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