2018 Rolls Royce Ghost Design and Pictures

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2018 Rolls Royce Ghost – If you’re really rich, you will buy Rolls-Royce Ghost, but rather a ghost better delineate the difference, paraphrasing comedian Chris Rock: LeBron James is rich; The owner of Cleveland Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, who signs James’ paychecks, is rich.

2018 rolls royce ghost  Colors Image

Inspirational package providing this two-tone, white on silver paint, and a rakish orange stripe, my Ghost managed to be beautiful, imposing, and just a bit mischievous, all at once. The huge sedan looks incredibly grandiose from every angle, with the 21-inch five-spoke alloy wheels just sporty enough to give the car a touch of sport.

It’s when you open for the first time the magically balanced back door of Ghost that you begin to understand where all the money goes, and why. This interior presents things you expect: a quiet cabin at speed, the magic ride quality, lambswool rugs that encourage passengers to go barefoot, and so much buttery leather that I feel the toast when I look. There is also the joy of the unexpected: Mandarin Orange leather accents that pick up the tint of the stripes and bring it inside, a beautiful shine of polished stainless steel, wooden trims so thick that the wicks emit a weak and rich sound when they come down.

One of our ranking points for this category is called “new or new features,” an area where Rolls-Royce and other exotic cars can be random. Of course, there is a starlight headliner (which increases the interior rating), but like many other slow-to-evolve nameplates, the 2018 Rolls Royce Ghost uses slightly outdated technology. The rotary controllers (front and rear) are good but slightly slow in navigating the many infotainment menus, and the screens themselves are not up to the new BMWs like the X3 I recently noted. in the missing Android Auto and It is true that Apple CarPlay systems are probably low on the demand list for Ghost buyers, but you still get a very average score for a vehicle that is of all other world class measurements.

2018 rolls royce ghost Features Image

With the exception of the gearbox, the rest of the mechanical package is transported, including the 6.6-liter V-12 twin-turbo developing 563 horsepower. The 2018 Rolls Royce Ghost replaces the old eight-speed ZF automatic with essentially the same transmission, but now it is wired into the navigation system so that it can predict when to pass, a configuration that appeared on a Rolls in the Wraith. The changes in Ghost were already a non-event, so it’s hard to tell if it’s a legitimate technology or an appearance. What is indisputable is that the Ghost IIS continues to roll like a Rolls-Royce, floating like a hundred dollar bill caught in a strong updraft.

With a MSRP of $ 311,900 and a price of $ 394,525, the Ghost II is one of the most expensive and exclusive cars that money can buy. Of course, the price of the monumental sticker compared to “normal” cars means that Roller scores are very low here, but it’s fair to mention that the Ghost is even excessively expensive in the rarefied world of ultra-luxury vehicles. The Mercedes-Maybach S560 is hardly the Rolls of the “poor”, despite its relatively modest starting price of $ 168,600.

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