2018 Renault Kangoo Redesign

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Renault will launch next November the first fully electric utility van in Australia, the Kangoo Maxi ZE is aimed at economic operators looking for a compact loading trailer with a low carbon footprint.

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Low operating costs are the greatest virtue of 2018 Renault Kangoo ZE, with cheap electricity being the only thing it needs to go from deposit to delivery. No diesel, no lubricants, no fuel additives. With a simple electric motor sitting between the front wheels, there are fewer possibilities of mechanical problems too much above all, the Kangoo ZE should be cheap at run.Cubic capacity measurements in at 4000 liters, giving the Kangoo Maxi ZE the same exact volume of cargo the diesel powered Kangoo Maxi. There are also sliding doors on the left and right and standard rear barn doors, making entry and exit easier. Meanwhile, a steel partition separates people from the cargo and makes the cabin a little more comfortable too.

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Ease of driving is enhanced in the Kangoo ZE thanks to its powerful regenerative braking, which converts forward motion into stored electrical energy of the moment to take off the accelerator. In simple terms, this means that the car slows faster without the driver touching the brake pedal, which can reduce help to reduce fatigue during a long day of driving. Kangoo is relatively limited when measured against conventional light-duty vans, but if the van makes frequent returns to a depot throughout the working day its range can be expanded more easily. An hour on the charger will be net about 35 km from the extra range, which allows a greater distance to go if you plug it frequently.

The 2018 Renault Kangoo electric has already been in Australia, with a limited range between 80 and 125 km. The 2018 model that is headed here, however, has a 33 kWh lithium-ion battery of greater capacity that provides between 120 km and 200 km of driving in real conditions on a single charge.

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