2018 Mercedes-AMG C63 R Coupe Facelift

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2018 Mercedes-AMG C63 R Coupe – Mercedes-AMG is expected to release a version of the C63 ready for the track, dubbed the C63 R. In the same vein as the AMG GT R, the last, the larger C-Class will probably have more power, less weight, more support and a wider body, loaded with carbon fibers. In the previous generation of AMG, reinforced track models were built under the name “Black Series”; the company seems to have avoided this label in favor of the simpler “R” suffix to denote their boldest models.

2018 MercedesAMG C63 R Coupe Redesign Photo

On the sides, we see that the C63 Black Series rolls on black rims with two double spokes that will probably have a size of 20 inches. The same body lines remain, but the side skirts have been replaced by more aggressive units that have a vent to the rear wheel arch. A carbon fiber insert has also been applied to the side skirt, which really ties the sides to the front. At the rear, we expect to see the same rear and twin lights, but wait to see a function spoiler attached to the trunk lid to help improve the support on the rear axle. In addition, below the vertical vents in the corner of the back fascia will probably be a little bigger. The rear diffuser will be much more aggressive than the unit that is on the C63. I suspect that the three fins on the diffuser will be longer and will obviously be lower on the ground as the C63 Black series will also be lower. With the addition of carbon fiber inserts on the front bumper and side skirts, I would expect to see a similar treatment either above, or between the reflectors on the rear fascia. All in all, if Mercedes goes with a design similar to our rendering, the C63 will be an aggressive coupe.

2018 MercedesAMG C63 R Coupe Dimensions Photo

We do not know what Mercedes-AMG has planned for the interior of a future Black Series model, but if we look back at the 2013 C63 AMG, we can get an idea of ​​what Merc will change in the new Black Series . Expect to see racing seats replace the standard front seats, and I would expect the infotainment system to have modified software that tracks track performance and lap times. Aside from that, the flat-bottomed steering wheel and the gorgeous interior design landmarks will continue on the black series. I have the impression that the lighter colors of the C63 will probably be darkened to underline the nickname “Black Series”, and healthy carbon fiber appointments will probably make their way into the cabin.

2018 MercedesAMG C63 R Coupe Redesign Photo

The C63 S has 503 hp of its 4.0-liter V-8 twin turbocharger. It is not expected that this car will match the 577 hp of the GT R, although the 550 hp of the recently revealed GT C Roadster is a strong possibility.

It’s still too early to dive too far into price speculation, but with Mercedes-AMG C63 at $ 65,250, I expect the Black Series to be closer to $ 90,000 before options, taxes and delivery.

2018 MercedesAMG C63 R Coupe Facelift Image

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