2018 Dodge Caravan Exterior and Engine

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Reluctant to say goodbye to her family transportation icon, Dodge has decided to continue offering the 2018 Dodge Caravan even though it is greatly outclassed by rivals and her brother, the Chrysler Pacifica. As the cheapest new minivan on the market, the Grand Caravan has one selling point: savings. Its low-rent interior offers space for seven or eight passengers, and its load capacity is good, but buyers in the market of a set of high-tech infotainment or a suite of active safety devices should look elsewhere. You get what you pay, and the Grand Caravan is a pillar of liquidation.

2018 dodge caravan Exterior Colors Image

Beneath his short hood is a 283-horsepower version of the company’s 3.6-liter V6 gasoline engine, paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission that transmits power to the front wheels. The V-6 is solid, but the low structure and firm suspension of the Grand Caravan translates into a ride-worthy ride and interior trim that makes the car vibrate.

The new design will keep the low-profile style for which this model is well known. However, it will be lower than its previous models. The roofline will also be lowered giving the vehicle an elegant, sporty and elegant look. A new head, taillights and a set of bumpers have also been added to enhance the feel and look of this van. The Dodge Caravan will be available in two versions offering consumers more options to choose from. In addition, the vehicle will have new aerodynamic lines that will contribute to the elegant design of the vehicle.

2018 dodge caravan Interior Picture

The interior design of the 2018 Dodge Caravan will be upholstered using the finest materials. The rear seats fold down to provide 27.9 cubic feet of cargo space. Space should be enough to hold all your cargo. This is just one of the new features you should look for in the new model. There will also be new anti-lock brakes and a stability control feature to increase its performance. The entire cabin will be upholstered in premium leather with other soft-touch materials. This will include a 7-inch touchscreen with the latest infotainment features like modern audio system, navigation, auto climate control, Wi-Fi, USB, reverse camera, cruise control, Bluetooth and the telescopic steering wheel. The Dodge Caravan will also have Smartphone integration capability that was not offered in the 2017 models.

Our selected Grand Caravan starts at $ 29,790, which saves us $ 20,000 compared to a loaded Pacifica. This extra money could be better allocated to education savings plans for second and third row occupants.

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