2018 Bentley Continental GT Performance

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Bentley does not lack ambition with its new Continental GT, launched tonight. If the company sincerely believes that its new lighthouse of £ 150,000 will be considered the “best big tourer ever produced”, it will have to improve the likes of Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and the new Aston Martin. It’s a very big request.  The new 2018 Bentley Continental GT is a very powerful car and a very beautiful too.

2018 bentley continental gt Interior Photo

The headlamps and the huge mesh grille are a mix of Bentayga and the EXP concept mentioned above, but the front sills in the bumper look a lot like the Continental of the previous generation it replaces. The rear has simple oval taillights and oval striped exhausts. The aluminum body was shaped using a process that heats the metal to 500 degrees Celsius to provide crisp folds and a weight saving of 80 kg compared to the previous model. come from the new chassis derived from Porsche Panamera Conti. There is a lowered nose, the front wheels have been shifted 135 mm forward and the engine has been pushed back to improve weight distribution.

2018 bentley continental gt  Engine Image

The biggest novelty is the dashboard review, which includes a brand new 12.3-inch touchscreen that rotates behind a wood veneer panel, and a set of digital dashboard. As a fine suit, the interior of the Conti can be tailored to your exacting specifications and uses quilted leather, flapping large wood veneer panels and metal fixtures by the ton.Bentley would like to point out the ‘diamond in diamond’ quilt pattern , which took 18 months to perfect, and some of the knurled switches have a new pattern “for a softer and more refined feel.If you are not in the mood to hear the W12 sing, a Naim 2200W audio system anti-auricular is available, which comes with ‘Active Bass Transducers’ integrated in the front seats.

2018 bentley continental gt  Exhaust Image

Power is provided by an upgraded 6.0-liter W-12 borrowed from the Bentayga, which now makes 626 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque. In the name of efficiency, the W-12 can close half of its cylinders under certain conditions, and start-stop is also shipped. The start-stop system can also help the Continental GT coast to further reduce fuel, although Bentley has not given details on how it works, for the moment.

After his public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, we should see the new Continental GT on sale in 2018.

2018 bentley continental gt  Dimensions Picture

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