2017 Suzuki Selerio Review and Pictures

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The all-new Celerio is the entry of Suzuki into the subcompact car market in the Philippines. It features a sharp frontal design with distinct character lines on the side that enhance aerodynamics and create an elegant silhouette.

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2017 Suzuki Selerio Design

The 2017 Suzuki Celerio could have justified much of this coverage on its own and in the usual way, by virtue of being new, interesting, practical and attractive well priced. We do not expect anything less from Suzuki and we will cover these many facets in detail. Suffice it to say for now that this is not just another city car, but a sign of new ambition and the imagination of supermini Japanese maverick and 4×4 specialist.

As with almost all city cars, the Celerio steering wheel fits only for height (not reach). This means that you can struggle to find the ideal driving position, even if the cheapest trim comes with a height adjustable driver’s seat, which is rare in the city car category. All editions come with a DAB radio and a CD player, while SZ3 and SZ4 trim also come with Bluetooth and a USB jack, allowing you to make and receive phone calls while on the go and play music stored on your phone Through the stereo system.

If you hope for a high-tech color touch screen to access all these features, however, you will be disappointed. Celerio’s stereo has a small screen, but it’s monochrome and hard to read, which makes it relatively difficult to change album, or find the person you want to compose in your repertoire. At least, the screen is flanked by well-marked shortcut buttons, and there are separate controls for the Bluetooth system on the steering wheel.

2017 Suzuki Selerio dual fuel injection for suzuki celerio 2015 and possibly for

2017 Suzuki Selerio performance

The only engine is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol with 67bhp. This may sound a bit low, but it’s enough in a car as small and light as the Celerio. Clearly, the proposed acceleration will never reach your heart, but the Suzuki does not feel too far from its depth on roads A and faster highways. As you would expect, however, its performance is better suited to city driving.

The Dualjet version is more economical but offers no extra performance, while the models equipped with AGS automatic gearbox are slightly slower, so it is better to avoid unless you really need a car to Two pedals

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